Insolvency and Bankruptcy, a unified code came into force in 2016. The Insolvency and bankruptcy law is a form of social legislation encompassing all companies, partnership, and individuals. It aims at proving a relief to all of them. It undertakes to maximize the value of the assets of the debtors and also tries to balance the interest of all the shareholders. The Code guarantees to achieve far-reaching reforms with a push on creditor driven insolvency resolution. It aims at prior identification of financial failure and increasing the asset value of insolvent firms/companies.

¬†We put our best effort in maximizing recovery, protect business or investment, preserve critical relationships and minimize write-offs. However, if a client’s distressed situation is not resolved through a recovery platform, then we further work to formulate strategies which can guide the clients through the¬†process of insolvency. We have advised on the largest and most complex restructurings, and pride ourselves on providing pioneering solutions as well as real commercial results.

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Pallavi Pratap is an Advocate-On Record, Supreme court of India. Views expressed are personal.

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